All cocofico luxury products are handmade in small batches in our Yorkshire studio, using 100% natural rapeseed and coconut wax, which contains absolutely no additives, natural diffuser base and the finest fragrance oils that are cruelty-free and paraben free.

We work hard to create sustainable products and are always looking for ways to help you make your space smell incredible without costing the earth.


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All of our luxury 30cl scented candles are handmade in small batches.

We use 100% natural rapeseed and coconut wax, natural cotton wicks and the finest fragrance oils that are cruelty-free and paraben free.

This naturally cream coloured candle will fill your home with a subtle scent for over 40 hours.

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Wax Melts

Created by hand using rapeseed and coconut wax and carefully crafted with specially selected fragrance oils. 

We are proud that our vegan wax melts contain no traces of animal-derived ingredients.

These luxurious hand poured melts fill your room with beautiful scent within a matter of minutes.

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Reed Diffusers

Our diffusers are made with 100% natural ingredients, containing 100ml of highly fragranced oil in a matt glass diffuser bottle with a black cap and supplied with seven natural fibre reeds. 

These luxurious hand blended diffusers will softly fill your room with beautiful scent throughout the day.

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York Gift Box

Enclosed within our luxurious gift box you will find a full size scented candle, diffuser and wax melts from our bestselling scent, making it the perfect way to layer scent around your home.


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Wax Melter

Hand made in Yorkshire, this neutral wax melter has a white gloss finish and a removable melting plate which makes removing the wax melt even easier. Perfect for someone who loves to change their fragrance regularly!


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Monochrome Melter Gift Box

Containing a wax melter and your choice of wax melts, this gift box makes the perfect gift for someone who has a neutral colour scheme within their home and loves to support small artisan businesses.


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