Our Story

Sustainable home fragrance that doesn't cost the earth!

I grew up in rural North Yorkshire, with my whole family living within 10 miles of one another. We didn't need to travel far to keep in touch and our summer holidays were around the UK.

I remember the first time I left the country, aged 12 on a ferry to France, as part of our school French Exchange. I absolutely loved it, with Paris being a particular highlight! Since then I have travelled to many countries and always remember the scents as well as the sights. It's incredible how evocative a scent can be.

This is also the age I was obsessed with perfume - Exclamation, Charlie Red and Tribe (it was the nineties) before moving on to La Dolce Vita, Sunflowers and my current favourite Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez. I adore beautiful fragrance, as well as smelling nice, I like my home to smell good too. 

I have used so many different candles and diffusers and, after realising a lot contain additives, paraffin and nasties, wanted to create my own. 

Five years ago I enrolled on a candle making course and learnt so much, including how to use your extra wax to make wax melts - I remember thinking these won't be very popular! The course focussed on soy wax but I always knew I wanted something that's more sustainable and so began making candles with rapeseed wax. It just didn't work - being too soft - the candles didn't last very long.

Finally, a new wax was created and contained coconut and rapeseed wax and absolutely nothing else. It contains no additives so is a very temperamental wax, the slightest temperature change can cause cracks in the wax, but does not affect the candle in any way.

Being a sustainable business was one of my main priorities. All the ingredients are UK sourced, toxin and paraben free. The glass is made in Europe and I only use cotton wicks. All the packaging is fully recyclable and, where possible, recycled. 

I love creating my products and hope you enjoy them too. 

Gillian x