Our Sustainable Mission

We believe having a beautifully scented home shouldn't come at the expense of the planet and work really hard to ensure that everything we do is as environmentally friendly as it can possibly be. 


🌎 Our wax is blended in Europe from rapeseed oil and coconut oil and nothing else. It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives.

🌎 All of our fragrance oils are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and paraben free.

🌎 Our candle wicks are made from unbleached cotton and interwoven with a linen thread.

🌎Our beautiful wax melters are hand made in Yorkshire.

🌎 Reed diffuser refills allow you to re-use your diffuser glass and are sent in recyclable aluminium bottles.


🌎All of our packaging is manufactured in Great Britain.  

🌎 Our glassine wax melt bags are biodegradable and recyclable.

🌎 Our tissue paper is made from 99% recycled material and is fully recyclable.

🌎 All of our postal boxes are from FSC certified sources and can be recycled, composted or re-used.

🌎 Our labels are made from 100% recycled waste paper and bleached without chlorine are vegan and biodegradable.

🌎 Our packing chips are made from starch in a low-energy process. They can be composted, you can re-use them for your own parcels or, as they dissolve in warm water, you can wash them down the sink!

🌎 Our packing tape is paper based and can be left on your parcels and recycled.

🌎The jiffy bags we use are filled with recycled macerated paper and are fully recyclable, compostable and bio-degradable.

It's our goal to keep making improvements day-by-day as we strive to reduce our footprint, be mindful and continue to bring you luxurious home fragrance, with our planet at the forefront of our decision making.