Five Things You Must Do Around Waikiki

Visit Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve

Home to more than 400 species of fish and an abundance of green sea turtles, Hanauma Bay is one of the most spectacular natural resources in Hawaii.
Recognising the years of neglect through over-tourism this reserve now limits the daily number of visitors. If you get the chance to visit, it is well worth it for the views alone. More info...

Pay Respects at Pearl Harbour

The remains of the USS Arizona are still visible and you can feel the weight of history as you read the names of the men lost when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941.  
The USS Arizona Memorial stands directly above the sunken battleship (which remains exactly where it sunk taking 1,177 of her men with her) and it is incredibly moving. In the years since, even more of her crewmen have chosen to have their remains interred within the wreckage, re-joining their long-lost shipmates. Read more..

Ring the bell at the Byodo-in Temple

The main attraction in the Valley of the Temples is a Japanese temple called Byodo-in. A scale replica of a temple in Uji Japan and made entirely without nails, Byodo-in was dedicated in 1968 as a centennial commemoration of the first Japanese immigrants in Hawaii. 

The deep drone of the sacred bell (bon-sho) fills the tranquil temple grounds. It's customary to ring the bell for happiness and longevity. To sound the three ton brass bell, you must pull and release a wooden log called a shu-moku. Find out more..

 Learn to Surf on Waikiki Beach

The first time I stood on a surfboard was on Waikiki Beach, I also managed to ride the whole wave! My instructor, Derek, was very loud and encouraging, which helped.

One tip I would give is not to let your legs hang down from the board whilst you're above the coral reef!


Take in the Views at Nu'uanu Pali

The views from this cliff, over the coast of Oahu, are absolutely spectacular. Be aware it is incredibly windy!


Watch the Sunset over Waikiki Beach

Just look at that sky! Who doesn't love a moonlight walk along the beach after watching the sun set? The sea smells fresh, the sand still has some heat in it and there are incredible aromas coming from the beach side restaurants.