Winter Fragrances

I love autumn and winter, sitting in front of the fire and lighting candles, and am so happy to finally be able to launch our winter fragrances.
We have reintroduced last years fragrances, with a new scent, Christmas Tree, for 2021. 

Christmas Tree

A rich herbal fragrance dominated by Siberian pine and eucalyptus. This is perfect if you have an artificial tree and long for the scent of a real tree. 
Scent notes: pine | eucalyptus | cedarwood | sandalwood 
Available in wax melts and candles

Frosted Berries

Our bestselling winter fragrance offers an alternate to the clove and cinnamon fragrances and will fill your home with the scent of cranberries and forest frits.

Scent notes:  cranberry | apple | lemon | green leaf | musk

Available in wax melts, candles and diffusers

Image of gingerbread biscuits with Christmas lights in the background


This smells of the glorious scent of freshly baked gingerbread, without any of the effort. 

Scent notes: ginger | cinnamon | clove | maple syrup | vanilla  

Available in wax melts and candles

 Image of a nutcracker, sliced oranges and biscotti


Nutcracker is a beautiful scent, reminiscent of biscotti, and gives a homely aroma of freshly baked cakes.

Scent notes:  chestnut | orange | vanilla | walnut | ginger 

Available in wax melts

Image of sliced orange, cloves, cinnamon and pine

Winter Spice 

Release the glorious cinnamon, clove and mandarin oils to fill your space with a beautiful festive fragrance.

Scent notes: mandarin | cinnamon | clove | nutmeg | spices | patchouli

Available in wax melts and candles